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Sarah O, Barrister

Hilary has been my personal trainer for at least two years now.  She is particularly remarkable, and I suspect distinguishable from other trainers, in two respects.  She is extremely, phenomenally in fact, professional, providing an exceptionally consistent service in that regard.    Further, her manner is also always the same – gentle, easy and attentive.

I have lost over a stone in weight working with Hilary, and her knowledge of exercises to do is never-ending.    Do not be misled by a quiet and non-judgmental manner; Hilary is extremely intelligent, sharp and has a wealth of knowledge about diet as well as exercise. 


AW, Gravesend

Hilary became my personal trainer in January 2007. I initially had a personal training session in my own home every week and now every fortnight. My main aim was to get fit. Although I needed to lose weight I had suffered from eating disorders in the past and explained to Hilary how they could be triggered by too much focus on weight loss. However, it was very important to me to become fitter and Hilary has been invaluable in reaching that goal. Hilary doesn’t come from the “shout and make ‘em cry” school of training. She has incredible patience (I can whine like a baby when I don’t like an exercise) but doesn’t give in. Her gentle approach means you end up working far harder than you realise. Depending on the weather we exercise either in my home or outside. Hilary has a variety of portable equipment that she can bring to make the workouts harder and more interesting. She’s professional, organised and effective.  I also think the training sessions are very good value for money.

Although I only have a training session every fortnight they have ignited my desire to exercise which I now do regularly at home and at the gym. The sessions with Hilary introduce me to new exercises and keep me motivated. After a year I am much fitter, with excellent blood pressure, cholesterol, strength and flexibility. I have lost inches and although I still have a long way to go with my weight loss, Hilary is brilliant support!



In the latter half of 2006 I lost 2 stone in weight through diet and healthy eating. Following this weight loss 4 months ago, I needed to tone up and made a decision to join a gym. Upon arrival at the gym I was extremely nervous and self conscious, but was instantly put a ease by Hilary. I thought I would be able to exercise through self motivation alone, but soon realised this was not the case and contacted Hilary.

Through her weekly "torture" sessions I have lost another stone and an amazing 11 inches ( my word, that's nearly a foot! ).

Her sessions are great fun and varied, she continually shows an interest in my weight loss and general health. She encourages and disciplines.... and most of all she gave me the strength and confidence to achieve my goals. Furthermore I am now able to carry out my physically demanding job as a carer with much more ease.

Having achieved my ideal weight I will continue my sessions because of the fact that they are so enjoyable.

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