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I offer a number of different packages, all targeted at common concerns.  If you don’t think your concern is covered by any of the following, give me a call and we’ll find a way to tackle it.

Weight/Fat Loss for Health

Media coverage means you can't ignore the ticking time bomb of our ever expanding waistlines and the associated health risks of developing diabetes, heart disease or even cancer.  If you've recognised the need to shed a few pounds/inches to protect your health and well being, then this could be the start of your path towards a healthier lifestyle.

Fitness Zone

If you feel your fitness needs a new focus, then circuit and interval training are a must for increasing stamina, whilst compound resistance exercises will ensure your body is up to strength to meet these new demands.  And obviously the centre for the whole operation, the core, will need to support you!

Beach Body

Can't wait for your summer or winter holiday but dreading having to shed those outer layers?  We concentrate on toning up your whole body so you can show it off with confidence around the pool or on the beach.

Bride/Bridal Party

Got your dress already?  Strapless or off the shoulder and need toned arms?  Corseted and need to trim a few inches around the waist?  Sign up for your bridal package to make sure you look absolutely amazing on your big day.

And it doesn't just have to be you that sparkles on the day, we can include the proud mother of the bride and all your bridesmaids.

Pre/Post Natal

Pregnant and worried your fitness regime will go to pot at a time when you'll be needing it most?  It is safe to exercise when pregnant, even if you've never exercised before.  There's just a few adaptations you need to make as your pregnancy progresses.  And why wouldn't you want to  when research shows exercising when pregnant can:

  • Reduce second stage labour by up to 27 minutes
  • Result in a quicker recovery
  • Enable your baby to adjust better to emerging into this brave new world

After the birth, exercise will give you your energy and body back - yes, honest!  And let's face it, that pelvic floor muscle probably needs some help even if you had a C section.

You can start as soon as you feel up to it and your doctor/midwife has given you the okay.

Age Proof your Body

Bed news - once you hit your twenties, age starts to take over - bone density and muscle strength decline, metabolism slows down, flexibility seizes up and hormone imbalances start kicking in. 

Good news - it's never too late to improve the situation.  You might not be able to reverse it but you sure as hell can slow it down.

Running Buddy

Want to go running but a bit self conscious to go out on your own or a bit concerned about your personal safety?  Use a running buddy!  We can follow a well established training programme to get you from the couch to running a 5k distance.  And our hour long sessions wont just be running, there'll be strengthening exercises too!

Some of these packages have deadlines (eg, holiday, wedding or due date) and can be accommodated by my small block booking packages whilst others are more ongoing in nature and you may wish to invest in the ten session packages.  You can even pay as you go, the choice is entirely up to you and your budget.

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